Hi everyone,

Thank you so much for following along through the color version of book 1! I and Stephanie Johnson have been hard at work getting book 2 ready. Unfortunately, the nerve damage in my arm and neck has taken much longer to recover than I would have hoped. I’m starting to get better, but my drawing time remains limited.

Book 2’s story arc is complete, and the first third of it is ready for art. 8 pages are thumbnailed. Stephanie and Tracy are ready to go, but sadly they’re waiting on me. So three things:

1. I’m going to have to drop updates to one page a week, at least for while I heal.

2. I’m going to keep updating Mondays and Fridays for now with some of the prepro, imageboards, and new model sheets we’ve worked on all summer.

3. Mondays from 1pm PST to as long as I can, I’ll be livestreaming at http://www.livestream.com/lynntendo drawing comic pages and answering questions about the comic. I’d love if y’all would come by and watch this story continue, even if it takes longer than I like. It’s also much easier for me to speak for questions than type, the same angry nerves that hurt when I draw hurt when I type too. :(